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Dasien: The E.G.O. Crisis, Page 7 by Neilsama Dasien: The E.G.O. Crisis, Page 7 by Neilsama
Okay, I confess.  I was a little short on time, so I kinda lifted some art assets from Heroes Unite for that first panel.  I'm sure both LegacyHeroComics and Abt-Nihil will recognize their own work.

And so there you have it.  Shouldn't really be any big surprise.  Dasien's loyalty to Energize is what kept her out of Heroes Unite.

Because of certain events in the upcoming Dasien storyline, I felt that it was better that she never actually joined the Heroes Unite Initiative.  This was really my last chance to retcon this part of her past.

You'll notice the action portion of the E.G.O. story got heavily truncated.  I really didn't want to step on any toes with this little addendum.  The story has already been told elsewhere, so if you're interested in seeing what happens, then you should go read Heroes Unite E.G.O..

Another thing is that Heroes Unite E.G.O. is not really Dasien's story.  Sure, Das was the leader of a team of heroes, but in that regard, Tech ended up doing most of the work, and Motherboard was ultimately defeated by The Flea.  And in the end, the true hero is another character entirely.  Overall, Dasien's role was pretty minimal, and so I felt that I should keep the scope of Dasien's involvement appropriately distanced from the fate of the E.G.O. satellite.

And on that note, I tried to keep spoilers to a minimum for anyone who hasn't read it yet.

Please read Heroes Unite and its sequel series, Heroes Alliance.

You'll also want to check out HU Adventures in between Heroes Unite #3 and #4.  You may spot a cameo in one of the stories.

And finally, be sure to flip through Energize Hunted to find out what happens to Mike.

As for Dasien, her next adventure is just around the bend.

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LPHogan Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Love Dasien and her integrity :)
LegacyHeroComics Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Nicely done!
It fits in very well and successfully achieves what you set out to do.

I recognize my interpretation of the E.G.O. satellite in panel 1 (as I depicted it in 'HU: EGO' Pg.26)
Working on HU was a great experience. Glad to see that the story, characters, and my contribution are still being referenced this many years later!

I'm definitely looking forward to more Dasien!
Neilsama Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I figured you guys wouldn't mind if I lifted a couple pieces of art from EGO.  I redrew it, of course, but if you put the two on top of each other, it's pretty much identical.

It was fun to revisit this chapter and put my own spin on how this event affects my series.

And now that I've done so, I'm tempted to go back and read the later HU and HA stories that I missed during my hiatus.
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